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5010 Salzburg

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The museum was founded in 1834 on the initiative of Maria Vinzenz Süss as a patriotic establishment for all Salzburg people in the city and the region and located in the municipal storage building; it developed in over 180 years into today’s Salzburg Museum as the largest and oldest museum for art and cultural history in Salzburg. Although the term Salzburg Museum is today associated specifically with the main building in the Neue Residenz on Mozartplatz to which it relocated in 2007, it is simultaneously the umbrella brand for other locations catering for museum work relating to the collection. Thus, at present, the Salzburg Museum has a total of eight locations, the leitmotif of the art and cultural history of Salzburg guiding visitors through the city of Mozart, encompassing the Neue Residenz, the Panorama Museum, the Fortress Museum, the Toy Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Cathedral Excavations Museum, the DomQuartier | North Oratory and the Studies Building on Alpenstrasse. All locations are related specifically to the collections of the Salzburg Museum and thus offer correspondingly diverse insights into a great variety of topics and epochs associated with Salzburg. Furthermore, in early 2012, an operational contract was concluded with the Celtic Museum Hallein. For both institutions this generates exceptional synergy effects in the field of prehistory, which since November 2014 has been presented in a new and popular permanent exhibition.

Salzburg Museum