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5010 Salzburg

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Site expansion Neue Residenz

In the heart of Salzburg's old town, a major construction project is taking place over the next few years: on the one hand, the province of Salzburg will be completely renovating the Neue Residenz. On the other hand, the Salzburg Museum will be expanding and realizing the "Belvedere Salzburg" in collaboration with the Austrian Belvedere Gallery. Due to the construction work, the Salzburg Museum Neue Residenz is expected to be closed until 2026. 

This will create a unique cooperation project between two museums at one location in Austria. Together, the Salzburg Museum and the Austrian Belvedere Gallery will provide the Neue Residenz in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site with a museum setting. The historic property, characterized by two spacious inner courtyards, will be transformed into a cultural area with a high quality of stay.

Salzburg Museum