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Panorama Museum

Temporarily closed for renovations

The Panorama Museum will be closed from March 1, 2023 and preparations will begin for the relocation of the Salzburg Panorama. The Sattler Panorama will become the centerpiece of a new museum in the south wing of the historic Orangery in the Mirabell Gardens. This future exhibition facility is entirely dedicated to Salzburg's historic old town as a member of the UNESCO World Heritage List and will comprehensively present the subject of World Heritage under the name "Orangery Salzburg - Panorama Museum / World Heritage Center". It is a nice coincidence that the planned opening in 2025 will match the 200th birthday of the Panorama.



As far as the eye can see: the cycloramic painting by Johann Michael Sattler gives us a view onto the City of Salzburg and its environs around the year 1829. The view is seemingly familiar to us today, but on closer perusal we see that quite a lot has changed. The picture is striking for its topographical precision, above all in the built-up areas of the city. All the window axes, chimneys and roof forms of the buildings exactly match reality. Sattler’s photographic exactness still gives us insights today into the lives of people and the environment of that time. The observers of the Biedermeier age were not the only ones to be carried away by the cycloramic view from the Fortress of Hohensalzburg – even today, the panorama fascinates local people and guests of Salzburg. 


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